1106 The Battle of Tinchebrai

28 September 1106, King Henry I defeats Robert, Duke of Normandy
Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy, was always disappointed to be away on the first crusade when William II had mysteriously died in the New Forest, allowing his younger brother Henry to seize the throne of England.

In a subtle subtle political maneuver Robert demanded that Henry give England to Robert. Negotiations took place at Northampton, but broke down after King Henry declined Duke Roberts modest request. An angry Duke Robert returned to Normandy, where he was pursued by King Henry.

Duke Robert was supported by William, Count of Mortain (Pevensey) and Robert de Bellême (Arundel). The battle was fought at Tinchebrai in 1106 with King Henry the clear victor. Duke Robert and the Count of Mortain were captured, imprisoned and forfeit all their lands. The cowardly Robert de Bellême fled the battle when it appeared he might have to fight. William d'Aubigny, a later earl of Arundel, fought with distinction for Henry.

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