Amberley Castle

Visiting Amberly Castle

The castle is now privately owned and run as a hotel. While there is no public access to the castle, you can still walk around some of the outer walls and the village of Amberley itself is very pretty and worth a visit in its own right.

  • Condition - Ruined, but substantial amount of the curtain wall is standing
  • Moat - No
  • Dungeons - No
  • Battlements - Not open to general public
  • Interior - Only open to hotel guests
  • Parking - In Amberley village only
  • Refreshments - In Amberley village only
  • Bathrooms - No
  • Public Access - Not open to general public
  • Location - Amberley is located near the A29, about 5 miles north of Arundel
  • Official web site
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