Bramber Castle

The castle is currently in ruins, but one wall of the gatehouse tower still stands at its full height. The mound of the original castle motte, around 30 feet high still exists. There is also some outer wall, up to 10ft in some places. However the castle does offer beautiful views of the Sussex downs and makes a great spot for a summer picnic.

  • Ruined - Yes
  • Moat - Yes, now a shady trail around the base of the castle
  • Dungeons - No
  • Battlements - Ruined
  • Interior - Ruins, large wooded motte, some curtain wall
  • Parking - In Bramber village
  • Refreshments - In Bramber village only
  • Bathrooms - In Bramber village only
  • Public Access - Year round
  • Location - Bramber is near the A283, about 10 miles west from Brighton
  • Official web site

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