Camber Castle

While access to the castle is limited and requires a walk over some sheep pasture to reach it, it is well worth a visit. The interior is ruined, but it’s possible to enter most of the towers and bastions. The towers are connected via a series of connecting galleries. You may find some parking off the A259 near the castle, but more likely you will need to park in Rye and walk the mile and a half.

  • Ruined - Yes
  • Moat - No
  • Dungeons - No
  • Battlements - Yes
  • Interior - Ruins, but many towers and tunnels intact
  • Parking - In Rye, about a 1.5 mile walk to castle
  • Refreshments - In Rye only
  • Bathrooms - In Rye only
  • Public Access - Now only guided tours on some summer weekend afternoons
  • Location - Camber Castle is just off the A259 between Rye and Winchelsea
  • Official web site

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