Ypres Castle

  • Ypres castle is located in Rye, 12 miles east of Hastings in the A259
  • Parking - Limited street parking in Rye, I suggest parking at the railway station and walking up the hill into Rye. Ypres castle is just past the top of East Street
  • Ruined - No, the castle is in good condition
  • Moat - No
  • Dungeons - No, but the castle was used as a prison and the cells can be visited
  • Battlements - No real battlements, but outside access on the top floor provides a fine view of the Rother
  • Interior - Now converted to a museum documenting the history of the castle and the area
  • Refreshments - In Rye, many choices
  • Bathrooms - In Rye
  • Public Access - Year round, but days and times are seasonal. Please check the official web site for details
  • Official web site http://www.ryemuseum.co.uk/
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